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For all your mortgage enquiries

Here at Quay Mortgage Services, we are open as normal during these hard times. We are waiting to assist you and find you the right support and advice to keep you up to date with your mortgage. We understand that your mortgage is one of the main payments and can be one of the largest commitments of your lifetime. Our advisers have many years of experience and are here to help.

Simply enter a few details below and we will call you back within the hour (during working hours, or as soon as we can if outside). We are based in Chester and our priority is helping as many of us to get through the tough times. Quay Mortgage Services will not only help you now we will also continue to support you going forwards, we have expertise in every type of mortgage so you can count on us.

Speak to us today and we can start to build a long-term commitment to supporting you and making sure you have the best deal available to you.

Quay Mortgage Services can help with a whole range of mortgage types, from first time buyers, remortgages, buy to let, commercial, overseas plus many more. We don’t stop there; a mortgage also needs protection advice in the form of insurances. Choosing the right insurance can help protect you in the future.